How it works

Whether for yourself or for a family member, we make it easy to stay on top of things at home.

How it works

Tell us what help you need

Get started here or call us on 0808 164 8338 to tell us what help you need, either for yourself or a family member.


Arrange a FREE first Helper visit

You get one hour of FREE help with a vetted local Helper, giving you time to get to know each other.


Agree a schedule with your Helper

Choose a visit schedule to suit you. It’s completely flexible and you can change or pause at any time.


Pay monthly for completed visits

From just £16 per hour, Helpers’ hourly rates are much more affordable than a traditional care worker.

Tell us what help you or a family member need

Give our friendly team a call or submit a help request online to tell us about the kind of help you are after. This will include the type of help you need, what time or days suit you and how frequently you would like a helper to visit.

How it works
We match you with a Helper and arrange a FREE first visit

Once we have all the information from you we’ll get on to matching you with a hand-picked, vetted helper in your local area who can provide the services you need at the times and days you require.

We’ll contact you to arrange your free first visit so you can get to know your helper and make sure it’s a good match.

How it works
Agree a schedule with your helper to suit you

If all goes well and you would like to set up regular visits, you can agree a schedule directly with your helper. Helpers offer a variety of services so each visit can be different and planned to suit your requirements.

How it works
Pay monthly for completed visits

At the end of every month we’ll send you a statement itemising your last month’s visits. You only pay for the visits you had, so the amount may vary each month.

Payment is automatically made via direct debit or debit/credit card depending on your preference. Should you have any queries, our Good Life Sorted team are always on hand to help.

How it works
Helpers and other
Having a Helper alongside other care services

Enlisting a Good Life Sorted Helper can prove beneficial across a range of circumstances. Our Helpers are available to provide assistance in various settings - whether you reside in your own home, receive care at home, live in an Assisted Living Scheme or care home, or seek a sitting service.

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Arrange your FREE first Helper visit today
to help you keep on top of things at home

Flexible and affordable
Fully vetted and insured
No contract to sign

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