Light cleaning and laundry

Our Helpers can help you stay on top of things at home, including light cleaning tasks such as ironing, dusting, tidying and more.

Light cleaning

Do you ever feel like you're struggling to keep your home up to your usual standards? If you're looking for a regular weekly or fortnightly visit to assist with some cleaning, our trustworthy and reliable Helpers will have your house feeling fresh in no time. They can also help with laundry and changing the sheets – our Helpers are always happy to take on the jobs you find tiresome. We hand-pick our Helpers who are interviewed, checked and insured.

What is considered ‘light cleaning’?

Our Home Helpers are not professional cleaners and can therefore only take on day-to-day cleaning tasks like vacuuming, light dusting and wiping down surfaces, in conjunction with other non-cleaning services. If you require more than this type of cleaning, you may require a professional cleaner in addition to home help.

Examples of light cleaning

As an example of light cleaning, our Helpers will be able to help with things like wiping down the kitchen surfaces, but would not do things like removing limescale and buffing stainless-steel in the kitchen. Helpers will be happy to do a quick vacuum of regularly used areas but would not move furniture around to vacuum in more hidden places.

Our compassionate Helpers will be happy to help you with general housework to help you to stay on top of things at home, however, they do have the right to say no to certain cleaning duties if deemed beyond light cleaning.

Helen accomplishes more in two hours than we can do in six! We look forward to her visits.

June M.
Light cleaning

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