Post-hospital support

We want to help make your life easier. If needed, Helpers can be on hand to make coming home from hospital an easy experience for you.

Post-hospital support

We prepare your home for your arrival, so that you can feel comfortable instantly, drive you home from hospital and support you as long as you need thereafter. In co-ordination with the hospital, we can warm up and clean your home, as well as do your food shopping so that your fridge is full on your arrival. And we can carry on visiting you as often as you wish, to make sure that you have everything you need.

Post-hospital Discharge Support

Our committed Helpers can be there to support you before and after you return from hospital, and you can increase your Helper visits during your recovery period if you need to.

Post-hospital Discharge Medicine Administration

Though our Helpers are able to help you with any practical support you may need, unfortunately Helpers are unable to carry out any medical support or personal care. However, they will be able to support you with medication reminders in their visiting hours if this something you require.

Can I use the Hospital Discharge Service as a one off service?

The minimum schedule for visits is once every two weeks so that our Helpers can build a regular schedule and strong relationships with their customers. This service is therefore best used alongside other regular Home Help services that you may need.

Maria is very friendly, makes me smile, sorts out my paperwork, takes me to appointments. She has made me feel like I’m part of her family.

Archie C.
Post-hospital support

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